Ways to Watch TV Channels Without Cable

With the launch of Dish Antenna based TV connections, the number of people who use Cable TV has drastically dropped. Due to this the cable TV subscription rate has become very costly. This has been like bad news for those who love watching TV and follow their favorite shows.

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Moreover, sometimes what happens is that people pay for their cable connections and hardly have time to watch anything, maybe because of their jobs or any other work. This results in unnecessary wastage of the money.

One solution to this issue can be to stop watching TV and get engaged in other activities. Jokes apart, we have good news for those people who wish to watch their favorite shows on TV without using the Cable subscription. They can choose to watch local TV online or learn how to stream local channel.

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Best Methods To Watch Local TV Channels Without Cable 2019

So, here goes a guide about how to watch  :

  1. Get An HD Antenna

Investing in an antenna of HD quality will help one while watching free local TV. It is a boon for those who want to watch local TV at a low cost. All one need is to get a good quality indoor or outdoor antenna depending upon in which area he/she lives in, then plug into the TV and see all the channels coming up. Hence the antenna catches the waves from different channels‘ transmission towers, and then one can catch up with most of the channels. If the antenna is installed in the indoor area, then the home should be around 25 km within the range of the broadcasting station. Similarly, if an outdoor antenna is used, the house can be anywhere.

The way installation of dish antenna is carried out, depending upon that maximum local channels will catch up on the TV. Experts recommend that an HD antenna should be placed at least 30 feet above the ground. Most of the time around 40+ local channels will show on the TV if the HD antenna correctly positioned. Properly.

Apart from the regular Doordarshan and other associated state channels, when the luck prevails other favorite news channels, Lifestyle channels or family channels shall also end up catching. Once the antenna is at its place, nothing can stop one’s favorite channel from popping up on the TV screen.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

There are hardly two or three countries where this service has not stated operation. If you have already subscribed to its services, then we must say you have taken a smart decision. Amazon Prime has been known to provide access to over thousands of national and international channels to choose from, that too without any hidden charges.

All you need to do is to make an Amazon account and pay the subscription fees. With this option, you may end up saving maximum amount as compared to cable connection. In our country, this monthly subscription is planned at Rs. 199 and those who wish to upgrade to the yearly plan they would have to pay Rs 999. Isn’t it an intelligent investment?

  1. Download the Mobile App

Almost all TV channel owned media houses have launched their mobile app now. There you can easily watch your favorite shows online. Like Star Media has Hotstar, Colours has Voot, Zee Media has Ozee, Sony has Sony Liv and numerous other such platforms. It is another medium for those who want to know how to stream local channels. Not only those favorite shows, but you may also find the original links of the TV channel’s all older shows, that you enjoyed watching years ago. The best part is you can use these apps for free while watching the shows, with few them listed under Premium Service with the certain prescription amount. Another additional benefit is that under premium service, you can watch shows before they start telecasting on the local TV channels.

  1. Watch them online

It is another good option for those who want to know how to stream local channels. It is a common sense thing that in this internet era every media house that owns your favorite channels may have a website, with all the following contents uploaded. The best part about using this medium is that you are not supposed to be own time to watch these channel contents. Make your account, log in and then stream local channels.

In this case, one thing to be noticed about is that various online video streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. Are the multiple platforms on which local TV channels have made their accounts and keep uploading episodes of their serials. Although there might be a day or two delays while uploading the events, but as a viewer, you have the patience to wait, this is worth it. The best part is you will be watching everything for free so that you can wait for some time.

  1. Netflix

Who has not heard about Netflix, the favorite streaming channels that streams and telecasts some of the world’s most famous dramas? As usual, before you start using it, you have to sign up first and then pay the subscription amount. In India, the subscription comes begins with Rs 500 basic plan and Rs 800 along with the premium plan. With 125 million worldwide users, Netflix has been very successful among those who wish to stream local channels.

The best part of using Netflix is that you can watch different shows at the same time on two different devices. Hence, if some family member or friend of your also happens to be a Netflix buff, then could be like you watch your show on one device and let them watch theirs simultaneously.

When you watch local TV channels, you have to face those annoying ads every 4-5 minutes. Now, who loves watching those silly ads? You have no option but to change the channels. For this, Netflix has a robust solution. It doesn’t host commercials on its platform, thus providing their users the option of enjoying shows without any hassle. Isn’t it a better option for those who wish to stream local channels?

  1. MyIndianTV

It supports maximum Indian TV Channels on its platform. All one needs to do is to get a SetTop Box or an Android TV. With its different monthly plans which are low as compared to other platforms, one can use it to stream local channels. They offer good quality streaming and buffering services and have satisfied subscribers all over the country. Although they do not provide all the favorite channels, since most of them are there, it is worth investment. It is another good medium for those who wish to learn how to stream local channel.