22 Best Sites To Watch English Dubbed Anime For Free

Anime refers to all kinds of animated media with colourful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastical themes. Originating in Japan, this art form has taken the world with at a surprising rate. Outside Japan, anime refers specifically to animation from Japan or as a Japanese-disseminated animation style.

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While the world views anime as a Japanese animation cult, today there are multiple studios outside of Japan producing and making these beautiful films.


watch english dubbed anime online

In total there are around 500 studios including major names like Studio Ghibli, Gainax, and Toei Animation. English dubbed anime are the new kids on the block introducing the world to Japanese culture and art and now you too can watch it for free.

No need to worry about your favourite anime being ruined with the wrong dubbing in English. Your friends here are going to help you out. Here we have a lot more sites to watch the English dubbed anime which you will just love.

22 Best Sites For Watching English Dubbed Anime

  1. Animeheaven.Eu :

One of the free online website resource to watch anime online dubbed in English. It is ranked #1 by “Anime Wallpapers”.

  1. KissAnime :

KissAnime happens to be the free online website to watch English dubbed Anime in high definition. It is considered to be the best resource if you wish to download the anime.

  1. Animeland :

If you wish to visit a website where you may have to search for the episode or the movie you want to watch, Animeland offers you the series arranged in alphabetical order. If you are a Fairy Tail Zero fan, you will really like this website. Plus it is free.

  1. Cartoon Crazy :

With a trust score of 98%, cartoon crazy is a website to view free English dubbed anime from an extensive library. As per Adventure Time, it is ranked 1.

  1. Crunchy Roll :

With a collection of over 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of latest anime series, Crunchy Roll is a free app ranked 1st.

  1. Funimation :

Are you a Dragon Ball Z fan? Funimation has about 400 active titles for free and is one the leading company for home videos of Japanese anime in United States.

  1. Dubbed Anime :

The dubbing and subtitle makes it one the preferred websites for animes. There are no charges to watch and it offers movies of different genres too.

  1. Go Go Anime :

Sailor Moon ranks GoGoAnime as number 1 to download English dubbed anime. The website is quite stable and fast. Moreover, the annoying advertisements can be skipped in 5 seconds.

  1. Just Dubs :

Genres like horror, drama comedy, action, romance, mystery and a lot more movies are available on this website. You can also watch anime dubbed in English for free. The website is said to be a dynamic one with new episodes quite early.

  1. Watch Dub :

If you wish to wash your favourite English dubbed anime in high video quality, Watch Dub is the website you go to. You can filter the shows with genres and release dates, thus making it easier to search. And it is absolutely Free!

  1. Home of Anime :

A vast catalogue of English dubbed anime with subtitles to watch for free can be accessed at Home of Anime. This remains one of the preferred websites for anime since there are no ads in between the episodes. You can browse and search through key words to access your favourite anime.

  1. Youtube :

As the biggest video share and search website, Youtube has more anime content and visibility than any of the other websites mentioned here. Searching for content can be little tedious at this website due to the large number of uploaders and strict copyright policies due to which videos are taken down frequently.

  1. Animestreams :

This website has an intuitive design and easily navigable content. There are no pop – up advertisements or flying banners, so you can enjoy your English dubbed anime with the least bit of interruption.

  1. TV.com :

Administered by CBS Interactive Inc. belonging to the CBS group of channels, this website is a legal option to watch Dubbed anime in english. The content contains a large set of television shows, latest news and your favourite anime shows. This is the best website to watch Dragon Ball Z.

  1. Infogeekers :

This website has more than 15 platforms to watch anime online. The website is free to watch but the reviews are not so flattering.

  1. Anime Ultima :

It is one of the most popular anime dubbed websites, devoutly followed by zealots. It hosts informative content, polls, forums and events along with a large collection of English dubbed anime online. One of the reviews of the website reads “This is the one stop place to watch anime online in high definition”.

  1. Anipush.me :

It is a website offering a enormous directory of English subbed anime, with subtitles to watch online and free. You can browse by genre and search by key words, however this website is down temporarily.

  1. Anime Tycoon :

With an organic interface, searching for English dubbed anime is quite easy on this website. The USP for this website includes quick updation and faster uploads of latest episodes.

  1. Anime Flavor :

This website offers popular anime series like Naruto, Wake up girls, wonder momo and a lot more dubbed in English with subtitles. Regrettably this website is no longest available for viewing.

  1. Anime Rhino :

One of the only websites on this list that does not feature fake download buttons, Anime Rhino has a solid reputation as one of the sites with the easiest search options to watch anime online. It has relatively lower buffering and high definitions videos waiting just for you.

  1. Animo Time :

The most established sites of the internet to watch anime online, this website features almost all titles of anime that you can possibly imagine from Series to Ovas to movies and extras.

  1. Watch cartoons online :

Famous for Spongebob Squarepants, this website also offers English dubbed anime. You can watch full episodes for free with subtitles and dubbing. What are you waiting for?