10 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

10 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2019 – You need a break from everyday routine that rejuvenates your mind, soul and body… something that helps you relax and at the same time can be enjoyed in the company of a friend or family? Why not watch a movie. Oh… the thought of searching through the internet and downloading stuff keeps you off! Not anymore.

Watching movies at home beats the cost of watching in a theater, bearing in mind transport cost is included. Also there is the benefit of choosing what to watch and at the same time you can multitask as you watch, like babysitting etc.

In this article I will share with you the best sites to watch free movies. I will briefly give details of each site so that you can have an easy time selecting the site that best suites you.

Top 10 Best Websites TO Watch Free Movies Online

1. You Tube


YouTube is a household name when it comes to video streaming. It’s a website that houses the highest number of videos that can be browsed either by direct name or genre. Most of its videos are free but for a few selected latest films there is a fee of $ 3.33 to be paid.

Depending on your internet speed YouTube has features that are used to adjust videos to 144p or 1080p. You also have the option of watching full screen or using the Mobile app depending on your gadget.

2. HDonline

hdonlines - watch free movies online

HDonline is an amazing site for movie lovers. On the homepage there are a category of section to help you navigate on your selections. Movies are basically stored in two types of quality, CAM for the new release and HD for the older movies.

Information regarding a movie, like year of release, duration of the movie, Quality, likes from past viewers are easily accessible.

Another advantage of this site is that you can also watch TV series. It also provides a synopsis regarding the storyline of a movie or TV series.

3. Sony Crackle

sony crackle

From its name Sony Crackle is officially a Sony product. They screen high quality movies. Using this site you can watch movies free online via a cell because it has an application that supports such gadgets. Their offer an opportunity to register with them even though it is not compulsory so that you can be receiving regular updates on new movies being uploaded on the site.

Sony Crackle also has TV watching option showing popular categories of TV shows.

Unfortunately as you watch you have to endure regular interruptions through ads and promotions… but there are short and precise, so it may not be a big deal.

4. TubiTV

watch free movies online - tubitv

TubiTV has an amazing design and layout. To access this site you need to easily register an account using your email at no cost. On this site you can watch TV shows, most recent released movies and other movies of different genre.

This is one of the best sites to watch free movies, it has a feature that allows you to watch and adjust movies in 360p, 480p, 720p, ad 1080p. Currently it has over 739 titles and it is in partnership with the likes of MGM, Lionsgate, Paramout and others.  Better still it has a feature that allows it to be compatible with a variety of devices like Tivo, Chrome cast, iOS, PS4, Apple TV, Xbox, Android and many more.

5. PopcornFlix


Popcorn Flix is another movie streaming site and has a stream of movies to choose from. It also offers home entertainment TV shows for free. On its menu you can click on directory section to help you select on your favourite movie to watch.

It also provides synopsis, duration, genre and playing options.

6. Hotstar


Hotstar is a well-known site in India. Start Network is the creator of Hotstar a site that guarantees you watch free movies and Tv shows online. Hotstar also screens live sports matches and match highlights. You can select from 9 regional languages and genre.

Apparently Hotstar app is free to download for iOS-powered or Android smartphones.

For those who love watching their movies uninterrupted, Hotstar is the place to be because they don’t allow any ads or promotions in their site.

7. Classic Cinema Online

online movie cinema

Classic Cinema Online is the best site to watch free movies related to old classic. Thanks to this site now classic movie lovers don’t have to buy and stock CDs and DVDs.

The site movie billboard has a variety of categories like Comedy, Drama, Music, Animated, Documentary, Family, Sci-Fi and many more. There also have a section dedicated for silent films.

The other beautiful thing about Classic Cinema Online is the blog section created for classic lovers to interact using comments and opinions.

8. Viewster


Viewster originated from Switzerland. It has more than 12,000 titles which include Comedy, Documentary films, Classic and Anime and many more.

It’s a recommended site for people who love watching old anime and not for lovers of latest films.

9. SnagFilms


SnagFilms has over 10,000 movies in it. It’s also created in a very professional way and it’s easy to navigate. This site is for people who love watching documentaries and biographies. Lovers of commercial films especially latest movies may not enjoy this site.

With Snagfilms you can download movies in your smartphone because it has its own app which is supported by devices like Android and iOS.

10. Voot


Voot is a creation of Viacom 18. Unfortunately all their content is in Hindi. It has its app that supports iOS , Android and Amazon Fire TV.

The greatest disadvantage of using voot site is the frequent interferences by ads and promotions. They are definitely very irritating.

Final Thoughts

I hope this list of free online movie sites is prove enough that you can sit, relax and watch free movies online in your comfort zone alone, with friends or family. The list of available movies is endless and also there is provision of various languages and genre. So in your free time visit the sites and watch your favourite movie without paying a dime.

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